• Afterthought: Ruminations on Duchamp and Walter Benjamin

    • Naumann, Francis M.    12/01/99

    click to enlarge   Denise Bellon, Portrait of Marcel Duchamp, 1938. Estate of Denise Bellon, Paris. Walter Benjamin in the Bibliothèque Nationale, in Paris, Spring 1937(around the time he met Marcel Duchamp).Photograph by Gisèle Freud, reproduced in Momme Bodersen, "Walter Benjamin: A Biography" (Verso, 1996), p. 234.

  • Boats and Deckchairs

    • Gould, Stephen Jay and Shearer, Rhonda Roland    12/01/99

    Click to enlarge The inception of the third millennium can boast an extended pedigree as a symbol for new beginnings. In a work written in 1884, the hero of science fiction's most celebrated tale about expanding horizons contemplates his limited world at this crucial moment: It was the last day of the 1999th year of our era... and

  • LE GRAND VERRE: Visite Guidée [French]

    • Suquet, Jean    12/01/99

    Un Chapeau Jean Suquet, né à Cahors (Lot, dans le midi de la France) le 22 juin 1928, fréquente à Paris le groupe surréaliste depuis 1948. Un jour du printemps 1949, il est invité par André Breton à lui faire lire quelques pages de ses écrits. Soupçonnant une parenté entre ceux-ci et Le Grand Verre de Duchamp, Breton, à qui on a

  • "From the Splash to the Flash, with the best wishes of Le Soigneur de Gravité,"
    The Large Glass: A Guided Tour

    • Suquet, Jean    12/01/99

    Jean Suquet, born in Cahors (Lot, in the South of France) on 22 June Introductory Remarks Jean Suquet, born in Cahors (Lot, in the South of France) on 22 June 1928, has been close to the Surrealist group since 1948. One day during the spring of 1949, André Breton invited Suquet to show him some of his writings. Suspecting a relationship betwe