Call for Papers / Submissions


cyberBOOK+, the publishing branch of the not-for-profit Art Science Research Laboratory, Inc., is currently accepting submissions for the perpetual issue of Tout-Fait, the first interactive, multi-media journal focusing on the French-American artist Marcel Duchamp.

Tout-Fait does not subscribe to a single point of view and is committed to presenting a wide range of peer-reviewed articles, interviews and news relating to one of modern art’s most important figures and his contemporaries. Dedicated to a notion of hybridity, Tout-Fait’s goal is to cross boundaries of media, discipline and format, drawing from both the sciences and the humanities in order to generate dialogue between established thinkers and younger scholars. Tout-Fait accepts first publications only.

Tout-Fait encourages submissions that not only explore Duchamp’s life, oeuvre, and circle of friends but also take advantage of the internet’s non-linear format for publication.

Tout-Fait invites short notes from the field, recent data and proposals for cooperative projects and papers.

Traditionally formatted submissions, works-in-progress and works-in-translation are encouraged too.

Tout-Fait offers:

  • ease of reference and/ or links to other Duchamp articles and sites
  • the addition (if applicable) of animation and video clips
  • in-house creation of animation/ video clips
  • possibility for photo reproductions, diagrams and schemata (in full color)
  • quick publication
  • unlimited length of content (long articles, brief notes)
  • multiple authorship

All materials copyrighted in accordance with the DMCA. Please consult Tout-Fait’s submission guidelines below.

Tout-Fait Submission Guidelines
Please send a complete submission in the body of an e-mail or as an attachment in word document format to Include the author’s name, address (both e-mail and ground) and telephone number. All submissions must be in MLA Format. All notes must appear at the end of the submission text, indicated in the text with (1), (2), (3), etc. Alternatively, submissions can be sent via regular mail in the form of two print copies and one diskette (both PC and Mac disks accepted). If sending a disk, please note the software version on the disk’s label.

Specifications on Figure/Illustrations:
we suggest images approximately no larger than 400pixels x 530pixels whose size is not larger than 30KB, in tiff or jpg formats [e.g. 370pixels x 524pixels, 29.85KB (30570 bytes)]. If including video or animation in your submission, please contact us. Please include captions to all Figures, providing the 1) Artist/note who took the photo, 2) Title/descriptive title (if Title unknown), and 3) Date work executed (often the year is only provided). Also, authors are requested to include a 100-word maximum auto-biography, and picture of yourself (jpg or tiff), as well as your recommendations for our Library-square.

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