Introduction to Tout-Fait


intro_1In November 1999, CyberBOOK+ Press, the publishing arm of Art Science Research Laboratory, a 501(3)(c) not-for-profit organization, announced the arrival of Tout-Fait: The Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal, the first academic journal in electronic format devoted to Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) and his peers. The term “tout fait,” the standard French translation for “ready-made”, was a phrase used by the French mathematician Henri Poincaré (1854-1912), whose influence on Duchamp was crucial. Thus, Tout-Fait not only represents the intersection between art and science, but serves as a site promoting the interdisciplinary study across diverse fields of schintro_2olarship.

Tout-Fait brings together international scholars and writers from art and science backgrounds and many other fields of study. An interdisciplinary project, Tout-Fait is committed to presenting a variety of news features, articles, interviews, and short notes relating to Duchamp, one of modern art’s most important figures, and his circle of contemporaries. Without the restrictions of the print media, Tout-Fait presents an expanded field for art and science writers, permitting a fluidity of thought as well as form, while generating a dialogue among established thinkers, young scholars and the interested public.


Tout-Fait‘s appearance has received worldwide attention in the fields of art history and humanities, with a four-year visitor count of 200,000, and growing. Tout-Fait has become an intellectual asset with historical value for the study of modern art and culture. Its Internet presence also has proven indispensable, with its free accessibility and scholarly excellence. Beginning in 2005, Tout-Fait has transformed into a perpetual publication; the site will be updated constantly, with each new peer-reviewed and accepted submission, as well as with newly equipped features, such as extensive Search, posted Comments, daily News Headlines, and a virtual Auditorium.intro_4

A strictly not-for-profit journal, Tout-Fait ismade possible by a team effort of writers, editors, programmers and web designers. The continuation of Tout-Fait relies upon the commitment of our readers and the kind support of contributors. We welcome financial donations as well as submissions of scholarly research and creative projects. To make a donation, please visit Help Tout-Fait; Help Scholarship . For submissions, please see the Call for Papers/Submissions page for guidelines.