• Elena del Rivero and Marcel Duchamp: Les Amoureuses

    • Girst, Thomas (with an excerpt of an essay on the artist by Gonzales, Rita)    01/01/02

    click to enlargeFigure 1Elena del Rivero,Les Amoureuses: Elena & Rrrose2001 (Photo: Kyle Brooks;© Photo 1963:Julian Wasser. All rights reserved) In the end, West Coast photographer Julian Wasser gave in to her gentle pleading and allowed New York-based artist Elena del Rivero to use his famous photograph of Marcel Duchamp, depicting the artis

  • Rrose Selections

    • Kilborne, S.S.    01/01/02

    ORIENTATION OF THE PARASOLS Picture A: half-moon of parasols, moving like a caterpillar on a branch, arc of S. shoes emerge from underneath they are the chain which connects the pearls… the necklace wraps around, gracefully, but when the woman bends over the pearls come undone. Picture B: parallel lines of color on a beach in the Sou

  • Bicycles With Elephant Memories Stolen From Our Oasis When We Were The Most Thirsty

    • Yang, Shin-Yi    12/01/00

    click to enlarge Video1(1.4mb)Video2(1.4mb)Video3(1.4mb) Video4(1.8mb)Video5(1.7mb)Video6(1.3mb) A PERFORMANCE FOR NEW YORK CITY (Sunday April 30th, 2000) In the April of this year artist, Patrick Grenier performed a new work on the streets of New York City which converged several ideas about memory, loss, vulnerability and reconciliation. The

  • Marcel Duchamp and Literature

    • Gervais, André (translated by Kilborne, Sarah Skinner)    12/01/00

    By no means complete and, on more than one occasion, eminently perfectible, this bibliography aspires nevertheless to offer the first gathering of the names of writers and the titles of literary works that are related, either directly or indirectly, to Marcel Duchamp or to the work of Marcel Duchamp. For matters of clarification, entries have be

  • Memoirs: Art & Art History

    • Barowitz, Elliott    12/01/00

    These six paintings linking Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray are part of a long-term project on art, artists and art movements. The Duchamp/Man Ray paintings are pairs or companion pieces. The paintings, in gouache, are not absolutely faithful to detail or color and are painted with flat surfaces and thin paint so as not to reproduce the texture of the o

  • Into the Vitrine

    • Zinnes, Harriet    12/01/00

    click images to enlarge Marcel Duchamp, Interior view of Etant donnés: 1º la chute d'eau / 2º le gas d'éclairage (Given: 1. The Waterfall /2. The Illuminating Gas), 1946-66 Into the Vitrine The hand melted down in carbon like ash but veined palpably Fingers in a throttle and over all of course wax Into the vitrine it

  • We Deserve Scheme Z and Excavation or the Law of Diminishing Returns

    • Yang, Shin-Yi    12/01/00

    // Click here for Video (83.5 KB) click to enlarge We Deserve Scheme Z. This is a Reclamation Artists Project in 1990 at the height of public outcry against "the Big Dig" in Charlestown-a five tiered eight-lane expressway interchange, part of the Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel Project for Greater Boston. A gas pump contains a video mon

  • Painting the Large Glass

    • Balea, Octavian    12/01/00

    click to enlarge Octavian Balea, the "Large Glass" [Some time ago, Octavio Balea contacted us from Romania. We learned about his enthusiasm for Duchamp and the horrible state his country is in. It was all the more surprising to see him put with what he called the ignorance of his people and express himself through art. He is angry at the

  • Marcel Duchamp et la littérature

    • Gervais, André    12/01/00

    Nullement complète et, sur plus d'un plan, éminemment perfectible, cette bibliographie vise néanmoins à offrir un premier rassemblement de noms d'écrivains et de titres d'oeuvres littéraires qui sont en rapport direct ou indirect, les uns et les autres, avec l'oeuvre ou la personne de Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968). Afin de bien voir arriver l

  • Science meets Art: This Quarter and Jacob Bronowski

    • Girst, Thomas    05/01/00

    click to enlarge Cover for This Quarter, article by André Breton, edited by Edward W. Titus, Paris: The Black Manikin Press, September 1932 This Quarter (vol. V, no. 1) of September 1932 was published and edited by Edward B. Titus. In his third year as editor for the The Black Manickin Press, he also published the memoirs of Kiki