• The Inventor of Gratuitous Time

    • Lebel, Robert; with a preface by Gervais, André (translated by Kilborne, Sarah Skinner with Koteliansky, Julia)    05/01/00

    Introductory Remarks Robert Lebel, who was born in Paris on 5 January 1901 and who died in Paris on 28 February 1986, was an art expert (1935- ), an authority on ancient paintings with the courts of justice and the courts of appeals (1953- ), and a writer all of his life. It was in New York, at "An American Place," the Alfred Stieglitz Gallery,

  • An Impertinent Pilgrimage: A “Meditation” on the Creation of Praying for Irreverence

    • Yang, Shin-Yi    05/01/00

    click to enlarge Dove Bradshaw, Praying For Irreverence, 1984 My involvement with Marcel Duchamp started early. Growing up in Manhattan, I first went to the Museum of Modern Art when I was eleven or twelve. I was understandably attracted to the machine imagery of theBicycle Wheel in their permanent collection. The subversive nature of the wor

  • Constructing Life

    • Yang, Shin-Yi    05/01/00

    click to enlarge Marcel Duchamp, Etant donnés: 1º la chute d'eau / 2º le gas d'éclairage, 1946-66 First you have to get far enough back from everything. How ridiculous to let any taboos linger. Having smashed the king of all taboos we looked around to see if anyone else had smashed through as well. Not exactly. Not yet. But had our old frie

  • L’inventeur du temps gratuit

    • 05/01/00

    Un Chapeau Robert Lebel (5 janvier 1901–28 février 1986), écrivain, expert d'art (à partir de 1935) et expert en tableaux anciens près les tribunaux et les cours d'appels (à partir de 1953), est né et mort à Paris. C'est à New York, à la galerie d'Alfred Stieglitz, An American Place, en juillet 1936 selon toute vraisemblance, qu'il a re