• Response to “Boats & Deckchairs”

    • Naumann, Francis M.    05/01/00

    Dear Dr. Gould; When I saw the headline of the article you and your wife wrote in the December-JanuaryNatural History, as a chemist, one thought came to my mind: cyclohexane. As I read the article, I realized that the connection may be germane. When learning organic chemistry, the structures initially are written as two-dimensional. Only later

  • Response to “Boats & Deckchairs”

    • Schmitt, James L.    05/01/00

    Dear Drs. Gould and Shearer, Thank you for your interesting article in the December issue of Natural History. It led me to an alternative interpretation of his boat/deckchair illusion using the notion of a cross-section, which is implicit in the passage from Flatland that you quoted. Imagine three spheres in space. One can obtain a 2-dimensiona

  • Response to “Boats & Deckchairs”

    • McCallum, Bill    05/01/00

    To the Editor: In their essay on a note by Marcel Duchamp about the fourth dimension (Natural History, 12/99-1/00), Stephen Jay Gould and Rhonda Roland Shearer emphasize the fact that no other previous Duchamp scholar has ever noticed that the text of this particular note relates to the image of three boats in a landscape that appears on its ver

  • Response to “Boats & Deckchairs”

    • Ausubel, Robert    05/01/00

    Dear Professors, I am only vaguely familiar with the concept of the fourth dimension, and your fascinating essay in the January Natural History will encourage me to investigate it. I believe that you are away of some points that I would like to make and ignored them for brevity's sake, but let's see. One of the overriding proposals of the essay

  • ‘Infusion Ball’ or ‘Holy Ampule’?

    • Else, Tobias    05/01/00

    click to enlarge Figure 1 Sir Roger's Infusion Apparatus, A Catalogue of Surgical Instruments and Medical Appliances,Allen & Hanburys Ltd., London, 1938, p. 186 To the Editor: Stimulated by the article "Paris Air" or "Holy Ampule" by Girst and Shearer in the December 1999 issue ofTout-fait, I conducted some research about the history of i

  • Duchamp and Dreier

    • Angeline, John    05/01/00

    Dear Tout-Fait, Congratulations on an exciting and generally brilliant issue! As a co-editor of an online arts journal (PART, http://web.gsuc.cuny.edu/dsc/part.html) I am impressed with what you have done. One quibble — the Anastasi article about the Large Glass, while intriguing, unfortunately falls into the same wrongheaded cliches about Ka

  • Response to ‘Duchamp and Dreier’

    • Anastasi, William    05/01/00

    William Anastasi responds: I was pleased to learn that Katherine Dreier has been the subject of a doctoral dissertation. If there is evidence showing that the Tomkins and Marquis accounts of her relationship with Duchamp are off base, adjustments would be welcome. Dr. Angeline states that "correspondence between Dreier and Duchamp does reveal that