• The Stereochemistry of Boats and Chairs

    • Hauser, Stephan E.    12/01/00

    I would like to add some observation to the intriguing notion of cyclohexane mentioned in Robert Ausubel's response to "Boats and Deckchairs". One might add that the terms "boat" and "chair" are international standard in teaching the peculiarities of cyclohexane in stereochemistry. We find the terms "Boot" (boat) or "Wanne" (tub) and "Sessel" (chai

  • 3-D goes 4-D

    • Macías-Ordóñez, Rogelio    12/01/00

    This letter was received by Natural History and forwarded to Tout-Fait, as the original article appeared simultaneously in both Tout-Fait and the millennial issue of Natural History, December 1999- January 2000, volume 108, no. 10, pp. 32-44 Zirahuén Lake July 27, 2000 Dear Stephen J. Gould, For quite a few months I had been trying

  • Rolling the “RRRR”

    • Latamie, Marc    12/01/00

    Stephen Jay Gould's text is very interesting and full of pleasant "interactive consonants." Though it seems important to add Frantz Fanon's "R- assimilationist" so to speak, to the discussion. Fanon actually devoted part of his book "Black Skin, White Mask" (1952) to the importance of language and pronunciation. A doctor and trained psychoanalyst,

  • Watching the Detectives

    • Tanch, Bill    12/01/00

    Illustration 4 Photograph showing a lady veiled in the antique lacespan> Photograph of Marcel Duchamp by Hans Hoffmann, Munich, 1912 "L'oeuvre d'art est toujours basée sur ces deux poteaux du générateur et du spectateur, et l'étincelle qui vient de cette action bipolaire donne naissance à

  • ‘Infusion Ball’ or ‘Holy Ampule’?

    • Else, Tobias    05/01/00

    click to enlarge Figure 1 Sir Roger's Infusion Apparatus, A Catalogue of Surgical Instruments and Medical Appliances,Allen & Hanburys Ltd., London, 1938, p. 186 To the Editor: Stimulated by the article "Paris Air" or "Holy Ampule" by Girst and Shearer in the December 1999 issue ofTout-fait, I conducted some research about the history of i

  • Duchamp and Dreier

    • Angeline, John    05/01/00

    Dear Tout-Fait, Congratulations on an exciting and generally brilliant issue! As a co-editor of an online arts journal (PART, http://web.gsuc.cuny.edu/dsc/part.html) I am impressed with what you have done. One quibble — the Anastasi article about the Large Glass, while intriguing, unfortunately falls into the same wrongheaded cliches about Ka

  • Response to ‘Duchamp and Dreier’

    • Anastasi, William    05/01/00

    William Anastasi responds: I was pleased to learn that Katherine Dreier has been the subject of a doctoral dissertation. If there is evidence showing that the Tomkins and Marquis accounts of her relationship with Duchamp are off base, adjustments would be welcome. Dr. Angeline states that "correspondence between Dreier and Duchamp does reveal that

  • Duchamp’s Veiled Intentions Regarding Draft Pistons Gauze

    • Harvey, Glenn    05/01/00

    Hello Tout-Fait, What a find! I'm an "anartist" and post-grad art history and theory student at the University of Essex in the UK (Dawn Ades and Margaret Iversen are my tutors). This first issue was tremendous. More please! Apropos of Rhonda and Stephen's article on the "Standard Stoppages," I'm probably not the only Duchampian to notice, also,

  • Response to “‘Infusion Ball’ or ‘Holy Ampule’?”

    • Shearer, Rhonda Roland    05/01/00

    click to enlarge Marcel Duchamp,Fountain, 1917 © 2000 Succession Marcel Duchamp ARS, N.Y./ADAGP, Paris Marcel Duchamp,Trébuche t (Trap), 1917 © 2000 Succession Marcel Duchamp ARS, N.Y./ADAGP, Paris. Marcel Duchamp, Hat Rack, 1917 © 2000 Succession Marcel Duchamp ARS, N.Y./ADAGP, Paris. We truly appreciate the effort that you made to resea

  • Response to “Duchamp’s Veiled Intentions Regarding Draft Pistons Gauze”

    • Yang, Shin-Yi    05/01/00

    click to enlarge Illustration 1 Marcel Duchamp, signed version of Draft Pistons, 1914 © 2000 Succession Marcel Duchamp ARS, N.Y./ADAGP, Paris. Illustration 2 Marcel Duchamp, unsigned version of Draft Pistons, 1914 © 2000 Succession Marcel Duchamp ARS, N.Y./ADAGP, Paris. Rhonda Roland Shearer responds: Your interesting and correct observati