• A Friend Fondly Remembered – Enrico Donati on Marcel Duchamp

    • Whinna, Kim    12/01/00

    click to enlarge Marcel Duchamp and Enrico Donati (from left to right) at Yves Tanguy's house in Woodbury, CT, 1945 (Enrico Donati was a close friend of Marcel Duchamp's, as well as a fellow surrealist painter. I called Enrico Donati with the hopes that he could give me a glimpse of who Marcel Duchamp was as both a friend and an artist. After a

  • From Blues to Haikus: An interview with Charles Henri Ford

    • Shearer, Rhonda Roland and Girst, Thomas (with video)    05/01/00

    click to enlarge Charles Henri Ford in his New York apartment, age 87 (2 May 2000) In addition to writing surrealist literature, being a photographer and creating art objects, Charles Henri Ford (b. 1913 in Mississippi) edited such avant-garde magazines as Blues and View. As Alan Jones wrote in Arts Magazine, "Ford opened the pages of his ‘ne

  • “Two Minds on a Single Wavelength:” Timothy Phillips on Salvador Dali and Marcel Duchamp

    • Girst, Thomas (with video)    12/01/99

    click to enlargeSalvador Dalí with TimothyPhillips (left), early 1960's We first learned of Timothy Phillips (b. 1929) when he wrote a letter to the editor of Canada's National Post in response to Sarah Boxer's article "A Self-Made Man. The Art World is Upset by Evidence that Marcel Duchamp Manufactured the Readymades he Claimed to have Found" (1