Best Testosterone Pill geable student Zhu Qian said diploma will Best Testosterone Pill take the exam, do not Best Testosterone Pill diploma you can not test. And Zhu reply is, reading for the study, he did not want a diploma. 5 Expansion of Second Class Cai Yuanpei did not use the term second class, but he did indeed extend from classroom to out of class in an effort to create academic research. Invited celebrities to come to school lectures, founded the Peking University academic research publications - Peking University Monthly, to encourage teachers and students in the school and outside the magazine, organizing lectures and various types of societies and Best Testosterone Pill associations, which have created a strong academic atmosphere for students . After the revocation of higher education institutions Best Testosterone Pill in the old school system, the universities started Best Testosterone Pill their own matriculation. In the reform of Cai Yuanpei, Best Testosterone Pill the reform of matriculation is a very important aspect. The quality of the matriculation directly determines the conditions for qualifications to be enrolled at Peking University. Before Cai Yuanpei came to office, the reputation of Peking University students was not good. The most Best Testosterone Pill typical argument was that re

gulars in african mojo unique male enhancement Beijings brothel were two houses, one hall, referring to Peking University students. However, Peking Universitys matriculation management has been more stringent, so, at that Best Testosterone Pill time, there were even pre-college students despised undergraduates. So, what is the problem found by Cai Yuanpeis matriculation First, the preparatory division is divided into two parts, one at Best Testosterone Pill the same time for the grammar trainee preparation, students have to Best Testosterone Pill prepare for the three subjects vxl male enhancement review at the same Best Testosterone Pill time specialized courses, and important courses to interfere with. Second, the foundation belongs to the semi-independent nature, all courses Best Testosterone Pill do not converge with the undergraduate, resulting in staggered courses, the first year of the undergraduate course pills make your dick bigger and the third year of the Foundation course repeated. Third, matriculation three years, time is too long. Fourth, the curriculum is influenced by the ecclesiastical schools, with emphasis on Best Testosterone Pill English male breast enhancement massage Best Testosterone Pill and sports, while other disciplines are what male enhancement do porn people use relatively backward. Cai Yuanpei advocate the retention of matriculation, so that high school do not have to go to school but to reform the matriculation. The re

Best Testosterone Pill

form of the main contents are the preparatory course reduced to Best Testosterone Pill two years, belonging to Peking University, preparatory course by the undergraduate faculty, the reform of the preparatory course. Although the preparatory course is divided into all subjects, but the compulsory matriculation course has actually been strengthened, but these compulsory courses are not patchwork of professional courses, but across the professional boundaries of general education classes. The preparatory courses are divided into three categories Best Testosterone Pill the first is a compulsory Best Testosterone Pill course the second is divided into A and B Best Testosterone Pill compulsory courses, A emphasis on mathematics, physics, B emphasis on history, geography, etc . the third category for all elective courses, about 14 of the total course. There are two types of courses that should be noticed in the preparatory course for matriculation, except for the general secondary education such as Chinese, foreign languages and mathematics one is a general education course spanning specialized fields, such Best Testosterone Pill as the history of Western civilization and science and one Classes Best Testosterone Pill are an introduction to Western philosophy as a compul

sory course for all liberal arts students. In accordance with the examination system of 1920 Peking University, the matriculation exams will be held in totally products 7hour male power topical male enhancement gel the first year Best Testosterone Pill and the end of the second Best Testosterone Pill year, and only students who pass the exams and pass the exams can enter Best Testosterone Pill deer antler testosterone booster the undergraduate degree. In other what male enhancement do porn people use Best Testosterone Pill words, only complete these general education, laid a broad knowledge base, it is possible to enter the undergraduate education at Peking University. Three Cai Yuanpei in 1917 - 1923, the transformation of Peking University to shape Chinas university spirit walmart male enhancement zyrexin has Best Testosterone Pill opened Best Testosterone Pill up a grand and far-reaching direction. His influence goes male sex enhancement pills in nigeria far beyond Peking Best Testosterone Pill Best Testosterone Pill University. There are many universities that have acquired the true idea of freedom of thought and inclusiveness. For various reasons, after the 1930s, Tsinghua University even