Animated Reconstruction of Rotoreliefs

Ludwig Schmidtpeter , 2007/06/01, 2019/05/09

My relation to Marcel Duchamp is that of a chess player trying to win a game against someone who is dead but is determined to win in any case-no matter what I do. It is a hopeless game to get involved with the father of conceptual art who may laugh at art theory like Nam June Paik may laugh at a television screen. Duchamp beats the linguist into the critic and spits out absurd connections. He is someone who is specialized in breaking the rules. Maybe that’s why I like him.

The Flash piece is a reconstruction of Duchamp’s Rotoreliefs using text. They are meant as an homage to Duchamp. A linguistic analysis of any of the spirals will show various ambiguities in terms of meaning or phonetics. These sentences may really wring a scientific brain. There is no end.

My own work revolves around photography and short videos and animations. I am interested in feedback regarding problems and patterns and use the internet as a personal publishing space.

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