A Tribute to Friends Who Left Us

Chen, Yaling , 2005/03/01, 2016/05/12

Dear Readers of Tout-Fait,

Following the launch of Tout-Fait’s Beta Version, we hereby proudly announce the arrival of Tout-Fait, Perpetual 2005.

In this transformed perpetual issue, we present new articles ranging from an interactive chess game, lengthy papers, a web project,a virtual tour and art projects, to short notes. Art historian Francis Naumann collaborates with TF’s programming, animation and design artists in the creation of the first generation of a computer chess game inspired by Duchamp’s 1918-19 Chess Pieces and his note on a color-coded chess piece system. Glenn Harvey revisits Hernes Bay, the coastal resort north of London where Duchamp spent time during the summer of 1913.

Furthermore, young scholars set fresh eyes on the works of Duchamp: Jake Kennedy writes on Duchamp, Beckett, and the avant-garde bike; Jonathan Wallis focuses on Duchamp and criminology; Amanda Tigner examines Duchamp’s influence on contemporary architecture. In Art and Literature, you will find visual presentation with text from Mauricio Cruz, Jason Robert Bell, and others soon to follow.

Duchamp never ceases to shock us. “Fountain” was named in a recent UK survey as the most significant work in modern art.The urinal’s lasting shock value proves Duchamp as one of the most influential artists in art history. Click on News Headlines on the Home page to read about the UK survey and other Dada and Surrealist reportage.

2004 and 2005 mark the sad losses of friends including Timothy Phillips, Cleve Cray and Walter Hopps. During my last unforgettable phone conversation with Cleve Gray, just days before he died, he called to say he wanted to clear his desk. “It feels good that someone knows what I am talking about,” he said, referring to answers to questions we asked
him months earlier. In this issue, we wish to pay tribute to our dear friends. After all, memory lingers.

After a process of peer reviewing, more articles will be available. From now on, all accepted submissions will be published continuously, perpetuating the ongoing dialogue amongst the global Duchamp community.

Most important, remember that we need your help. Financial contributions remain our primary means to facilitate the uninterrupted existence, quality and purpose of this pioneering publication.

As always, the Tout-Fait staff appreciates your continuous support and feedback.

Enjoy reading and browsing!

Yaling Chen

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