A Post-card and The Clew

Cruz, Mauricio , 2005/12/01, 2016/05/06

I. Readymade Postcard of Readymade Art

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Post-card is the result of joining 3 ‘readymades’ by analogy: Duchamp’s Bottle Dryer, the Coca-Cola bottle, and a postcard of “Christ Enthroned” by Jan Van Eyck (also objects produced in series, although with different aesthetic intentions). In this way, the juxtaposition of 3 powerful icons (one of them invisible, only referred to in the postcard) activates their corresponding connotations: industrial, cultural, and religious. The stamp, another readymade, is a spiraling galaxy that sends the postcard to a more ‘scientific’ dynamic level (optic disks, View, etc).

II. The Clew

A visual interpretation of Marcel Duchamp, A Bruit Secret [With Hidden Noise] 1916, in a sequence of seven images.

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Figs. Bottle Dryer, With Hidden Noise, Chessboard, Note
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