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Duchamp was a huge poodle faker - He had merely twelve months of professional art education - his paintings were all copies of other artist's works and he did enormous damage to the conceptual nature of art and destroyed aesthetics. He is the perfect artist for those with the attention span and intellegence of a gnat! He alone is responsible for the ocean of kitsch garbage that we are drowning in. The market is not the final arbiter of value - as Duchamp himsef said "it is posterity that decides". He will go down in history as THE arch criminal who destroyed art. Maybe 82 year old art history professors know more about art than ageist pigs.
By an-aesthetic | 11/09/10

Naumann is an art dealer with a great finacial ntest in promoting Duchamp. Professor Andersen is slandered in Nauman's review that is also a completecorruption of Andersen's book. For a corrected review, read the review by the Harvard professor, Steven Ozment.
By Jerry Stamos | 07/28/11

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