Attracting Dust in New Zealand
Lost And Found: Betty's Waistcoat and Other Duchampian Traces
by   Moore, Marcus
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Readers' Comments
Betty Isaacs's last year or years must have been very difficult for her.. No one would tell me what happened to her. Though jovial at the moment I enquired, Judge Isaacs's mood changed abruptly and he evaded the question. I had left for Europe a few years earlier. We had sat across each other, holding each other's hands, when Betty and I said goodby. Her presence meant a great deal to me. Thank you for the picture (I have no other). If you have others, I would greatly appreciate seeing them. I remember the Judge beaming and showing me Betty's waistcoast hanging in his closet.. Just as proudly, Earle Brown digging in a book to show me Duchamp's aleatoric music. Both of them were intent in educating me as to the man I was to join at table for dinner. This was the first of several dinners to which Betty Isaacs invited me. Among the guests, the people referred in your article, John Cage and Merce Cunningham. But also, Edgar Varèse , Earle and Carolyn Brown. I can no longer remember who it was that originally introduced me to the Isaacs. Perhaps Virgil Thomson... I have no doubt the Isaacs regularly invited their friends all through the years. I was sorry to leave them.. The waistcoat is much more than just "a work by Marcel Duchamp". It is a ready-made testifying to Isaac's love and generosity, to each other and as Nexus to a world of art of friends.
By Serge Tcherepnin

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