Advertising Theory:
"Branding" and Duchamp’s Productions
by   Artamendi, Felix Guerenabarrena
Published:  2005   Print    Post Your Comments
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Published:  03/30/05   Print     Post Your Comments
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Readers' Comments
Hello friends, Iīm Felix, the author of the article. Iīd love to keep in touch with you. Duchamp has always been a personality of reference in my life and nothing would be more satisfactory for me than being in touch with a team of people so passionate about Duchamp as you are.
By Felix Gerenabarrena

An interesting article, Duchamp has interested me since my student days. Do you not see his work as an attack on commercialism as much as an endorsement? I always feel that his two major pieces of work are his legacy and offer a way through in a post retinal art world. 'Ha,Ha', as Bosse-de-Nage would say!
By p.jackson | 02/28/09

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