Painting in Three Dimensions
by   Krank, Sarah C.
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Dear colleagues in address . I would like to send you the preliminary proposal to built up an international open network named “ENTANGLED- SCIENCE & ART” within the following mission and aims . You can help to better this approach and you are invited to participate to the first meeting in Florence the 21 NOV 2007. I hope to hear from you about your preliminary adhesion and for some creative yours kind suggestions to modify this initial proposal . My best regards and cordiality's Paolo Manzelli “ENTANGLED- SCIENCE & ART”- MISSION: (Preliminary approach to be shared by means of the promotional committee) “ENT.SCI&ART” is an Art/Science performance research project preliminarily proposed by EGOCREANET/ON-NS which a deep resonances with Bio-quantum Physics Concept of “ENTANGLEMENT” aiming to improve an international open network for new science. This would be possible starting by creating an emergent open network to share innovative ideas in new science and art performances. See preliminary information in :BLENDING ART AND SCIENCE : and also in : what is ENTANGLED SCIENCE & ART ? - The mean of “ENTANGLEMENT” is employed to investigate complex patterns resulting from simple rules of Bio-Quantum Physics, oriented to re-interpret not localized coherent states in living systems. “Entanglement Science & Art” open network , means the research for a strong correlation of shared not localized dynamic relationship between innovative “ life sciences and modern art “. ENT.SCI&ART- future project aims: - (1) - To create new methods and technologies for artistic design and cultural expression based on scientific Bio-Quantum Physics theories See : in - (2)- To build up a research team to develop innovative new technologies for an interactive blending in all possible shared performances between Science & Art in a not localized synergy - (3)- To communicate these newly developed ideas methods and communication technology in an open access by means international courses/workshop/seminars and interactive performance events. - (4) - To maintain and to develop co-operation among similar research and performance activity for the future of “ Science & Art ” trans-disciplinary blending . - Background: . EGOCREANET / OPEN NETWORK FOR NEW SCIENCE is a private research virtual association, linked to the Laboratory of the Education Research of the University of Florence (IT). The promotional team of “ENT.SCI&ART” founded by EGOCREANET/ON-NS , is including all experienced Scientist/ Artists/ Educators, and also similar international project linked by means a cooperative effort to this proposal , committed to communicating new ideas and skills as broadly as possible. The initial research program and performances work will be tested in a public event ( the next 21-NOV/2007) at the art-science-and technology prestigious antique venue of : AULA GALILEO GALILEI c/o SPECULA MUSEUM in FLORENCE (Italy) . - See in : FIRST proposal by : Paolo Manzelli ;: july /25/2007 Firenze
By paolo manzelli

i just wanna ask u y r they called relieaf paintings....
By ramita

I have just come upon your 2004 statement. I am 7 years late but, with all due respect, the work exhibited here looks to me as sculpture-painted. If you are still working with this concept would you please explain why it isn't sculpture. I have also been experimenting with the concept of 3-D painting for quite some time. My earliest experience with this was in a university art program in the 80's with what Frank Stella referred to as his 3-D paintings; which I dismissed simply as painted sculpture. I have worked/studied both painting and, seperately, sculpture. To me, the two combined create sculpture-painted. I found Eliabeth Murray's constructed paintings far closer to 3-D painting than Frank Stella's, yet her work also appears, to me, as sculpture-painted. Again, with all due respect, any reply from you will continue my studies in/with this elusive concept. How has your work developed over the years since?
By Stano | 08/15/10

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