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Pata or Quantum: Duchamp and the End of Determinist Physics
by Williams, Jonathan
(Vol 1/ Issue 3, 2000)
The Art of Looking Back and the Reward of More or Less Being Seen
by Alfaro, Juan
(Vol 1/ Issue 3, 2000)
Duchamp in Sweden 1933-1970: A Critical Review
by Eriksson, Lief
(Vol 1/ Issue 3, 2000)
The Bachelors: Pawns in Duchamp's Great Game
by Bailey, Bradley
(Vol 1/ Issue 3, 2000)
The Unfindable Readymade
by Obalk, Hector
(Vol 1/ Issue 2, 2000)
"Macaroni repaired is ready for Thursday...."
Marcel Duchamp as Conservator

by Pohlad, Mark B.
(Vol 1/ Issue 3, 2000)
The Substantial Ghost:
Towards a General Exegesis of Duchamp's Artful Wordplays

by Gould, Stephen Jay
(Vol 1/ Issue 2, 2000)
LE GRAND VERRE: Visite Guidée [French]
by Suquet, Jean
(Vol 1/ Issue 1, 1999)
"From the Splash to the Flash, with the best wishes of Le Soigneur de Gravité,"
The Large Glass: A Guided Tour

by Suquet, Jean
(with an introduction by Gervais, André; translated by Julia Koteliansky with Kilborne, Sarah S.)
(Vol 1/ Issue 1,1999)
Pour un portrait de Marcel Duchamp:
" disent les dédicaces "
by Gervais, André
(Vol 1/ Issue 1, 1999)
For a Portrait of Marcel Duchamp:
"The Dedications Speak"

by Gervais, André
(Translated by Savoir, Lou-Andrea with Kilborne, Sarah S.)
(Vol 1/ Issue 1,1999)
Afterthought: Ruminations on Duchamp and Walter Benjamin
by Naumann, Francis M.
(Vol -1, 1999)
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