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On “The Creative Act”
by Julian Jason Haladyn
(Perpetual , 2015)
An exit Marcel Duchamp and Jules Laforgue
by Pieter de Nijs
(Perpetual , 2015)
Opposition and Sister Squares: Marcel Duchamp and Samuel Beckett.
by Andrew Hugill, Bath Spa University, UK
(Perpetual , 2013)
Marcel Duchamp - Spring, 1911 - Where it All Begins
by Kurt Godwin
(Perpetual , 2009)
Belle Haleine: Eau de Voilette [Beautiful Breath: Veil Water], 1921
by Francis M. Naumann
(Perpetual , 2009)
A New Look: Marcel Duchamp, his twine, and the 1942 First Papers of Surrealism Exhibition
by Vick, John
(Perpetual , 2008)
A Problem With No Solution
by Naumann, Francis
(Vol -1, 2008)
The Bachelor Stripped Bare by Cabri Geometre, Even
by Giunti, Roberto
(Vol -1, 2007)
Cinq petites choses à propos de L.H.O.O.Q. [French]
by André Gervais
(Vol -1, 2007)
Five Small Things about L.H.O.O.Q.
by Gervais, André (translated by Drolet, Eugenia)
(Vol -1,2007)
Identità’ e dissoluzione, per un approccio erotico all’opera d’arte [Italian]
by Casacchia, Valentina
(Perpetual , 2005)
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