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The Wicked and Unfaithful Song Of Marcel Duchamp To His Queen
by Carroll, Paul (1961)
with music by Austin, John (1979)
(Vol 2/ Issue 4, 2002)
Transformation and Tradition:
Interview with Sanford Biggers

by Wilcox, Lauren
(with video)
(Vol 2/ Issue 4, 2002)
L'inventeur du temps gratuit [French]
by Lebel, Robert
(Vol 1/ Issue 2, 2000)
The Inventor of Gratuitous Time
by Lebel, Robert; with a preface by Gervais, André
(translated by Kilborne, Sarah Skinner with Koteliansky, Julia)
(Vol 1/ Issue 2,2000)
Science meets Art: This Quarter and Jacob Bronowski
by Girst, Thomas
(Vol 1/ Issue 2, 2000)
Constructing Life
by Gins, Madeline
(with video)
(Vol 1/ Issue 2, 2000)
An Impertinent Pilgrimage:
A "Meditation" on the Creation of Praying for Irreverence

by Bradshaw, Dove
(Vol 1/ Issue 2, 2000)
Marcel Duchamp et la littérature [French]
by Gervais, André
(Vol 1/ Issue 3, 2000)
Marcel Duchamp and Literature
by Gervais, André (translated by Kilborne, Sarah Skinner)
(Vol 1/ Issue 3,2000)
Painting the Large Glass
by Balea, Octavian
(Vol 1/ Issue 3, 2000)
We Deserve Scheme Z and Excavation or the Law of Diminishing Returns
by Brigham, Joan
(with video)
(Vol 1/ Issue 3, 2000)
Into the Vitrine
by Zinnes, Harriet
(Vol 1/ Issue 3, 2000)
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