Portraits of Duchamp on Only Images
By editors
posted: 01-19-12
The web site, Only Images, has a good selection of photos of Marcel Duchamp. The site states:  "This [web site] is dedicated to the creators who have influenced my creative energy. To the people who have informed my art and moved me. Enjoy as much as I have." ...more

Marcel Duchamp's Exhibition History
By Tout editors
posted: 01-18-12 has published a useful list of exhibitions. "The following [list] is offered not as a complete list of exhibitions by Marcel Duchamp, but as a comprehensive selection intended to give a survey of his activities and the way his work came to be known. Invaluable sources for ...more

A La Duchamp, Jillian Mayer Chews Off Her Arms For Art Basel
By Maria Goldverg
posted: 12-05-11
The title of Jillian Mayer's video submission to Art Basel may be inspired by Marcel Duchamp's L.H.O.O.Q., but her grotesque content certainly takes matters a step further. In H.I.L.M.D.A., a section from Love Trips: A Triptych on Love, Mayer chews off her own arms. Actually, she only ph ...more

John Morse and the Practical Art
By Julia Borden
posted: 12-04-11
Art, as Duchamp would have it, can be discovered both everywhere and nowhere in the world around us. Even the most mundane of objects can appear wondrous when an artist elevates their status, granting both title (or in some cases "untitled") and with it a world of implied significance. C ...more

Who Says a Sandwich Can't Be Art?
By Maria Goldverg
posted: 12-03-11
Of all the news posts you could have expected to see here at, you probably never imagined that a sandwich would gain our headline. Well, turns out one has. This jewel is composed simply of two pieces of toast containing butter, salt, and pepper (that's all folks); and, it has ...more

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