"Symbiotaxiplasm" = Duchamp's "infra-thin" ?
By Thivai Abhor
posted: 00-00-00
"Symbiotaxiplasm is a term conceived by the social science philosopher Arthur Bentley (a contemporary of John Dewey, see Art As Experience) that describes an action of interconnectedness...Perhaps this is something similar to what Marcel Duchamp meant by the infrathinĄ©a poetic term describing the i ...more

Military Avoidance: Marcel Duchamp and the 'Jura-Paris Road'
By Kieran Lyons, The Tate
posted: 00-00-00
"In 1905, the year of this War Office Report on French military resources, Marcel Duchamp was drawn into the 'net' of military conscription that was intended to incorporate every able-bodied twenty-one year old Frenchman into the national effort. Duchamp complied somewhat unwillingly but nevert ...more

Marcel Duchamp Video Tribute-- Le Chaterie
By pinkup, iikki
posted: 00-00-00
I have created a short video for the Vector Defenders (Vector Defenders) project, by OnClick studio (OnClick). It is a tribute to the Dada artist Marcel Duchamp's visual experiments, and music has been taken from the album Bailes Vespertinos. To be seen in Motion section at ...more

Art appreciator
By Agagooga, Balderdash
posted: 00-00-00
"Since the days of Duchamp and warhol, art can be understood in two ways: Art is a way of doing things, art is a way of seeing things." ...more

DADA part two: Marcel Duchamp
By Angela, DLC Blog
posted: 00-00-00
"Everyone who hates art, or what art has come to symbolize in 'modern society' today and in history can look to Marcel Duchamp. This of course, is a contradictory statement that Duchamp would not approve of. His questions and art-from his submission of a bicycle wheel as an art piece (which is ...more

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