Who Says a Sandwich Can't Be Art?
By Maria Goldverg
posted: 12-03-11
A sandwich is a sandwich is a sandwich?
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Of all the news posts you could have expected to see here at, you probably never imagined that a sandwich would gain our headline. Well, turns out one has. This jewel is composed simply of two pieces of toast containing butter, salt, and pepper (that's all folks); and, it has officially been decreed the cheapest sandwich in Great Britain by a team of scientists (according to NPR). It should go without saying that these scientists are not without senses of humor. They discuss the statement such a "sandwich" is capable of making upon its eaters. You can judge the quality of their puns for yourselves. Here's a snippet from their conversation:

Peter: The layers! This is the culinary equivalent equivalent of a Rothko painting. Or itís like a sandwich by Marcel Duchamp! It questions the essence of sandwich and language both!

Ian: Hey professor, why donít you find us a painting of bacon in your fancy books?

Mike: Ceci n'est pas une delicious.

Eva: I'll take my sandwich to Gogh.

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