What's Duchamp Doing in Starbucks Anyway?
By Maria Goldverg
posted: 09-30-11
Richard Kegler, typeface provocateur.
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There are many artists, designers, and writers among others that are inspired or incited by Duchamp's work.  Richard Kegler is one of them.  In 1994, Kegler created the Duchamp typeface by scanning in samples of Duchamp's writing from Large Glass and distributed them on floppy disks to interested customers in museum shops.

The idea to create a "readymade" type came to Kegler in graduate school when he was working on an art installation and decided to project Duchamp's writing onto a wall.  Things took off from there.  He opened a small company called P22 in Buffalo NY and Duchamp became his biggest sell.  Now, fans can even find Duchamp adorning the walls of Starbucks coffee shops across the country, not to mention on the NBC sitcom "The Singe Guy."


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