Marcel Duchamp's masterwork
By Timothy B. Buckwalters
posted: 00-00-00
Photographs of the doors to Duchamp's last studio at at 80 E. 11th Street in NYC by Denise Brown Hare.
Image Source
"In 1969's Art Bulletin, the Philadelphia Museum of Art's newsletter, [the late] Anne d'Harnoncourt and Walter Hopps offered the history of and an analysis for Marcel Duchamp's masterwork, Etant DonnÚs... Also included in the Bulletin was an amazing backstage look at the process. Between 1965 and 1968, Ducchamp's studio was housed in suite 40 at 80 E. 11th Street in NYC, across from a union office. Denise Brown Hare visited him and captured the piece in progress." ...Source
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