Stephen Colbert Suggests Gitmo Might Be Conceptual Art
By Eli Epstein-Deutsch
posted: 07-16-11
From Central Park Gates
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July 14th, 2011: Stephen Colbert proves yet again the edginess of his political satire, making his audience audibly uncomfortable with this strangely avant-garde speculation:
"It now occurs to me, could all of Gitmo, in fact be one giant art installation? Take our enemies from the stone-age villages in Afghanistan, fly them half way across the world and drop them into an extra-governmental, intra-liminal space, neither America nor the battlefield, here-in using unchecked executive power in an act of self-critical, these [hooded detainees] look like they've been wrapped by Christo. Forget Marina Abramovic, forget Laurie Anderson: the greatest performance artists of our generation are [Bush and Obama]."
These somewhat high-flying theoretical acrobatics were, indeed, backed by Colbert's resume as a former conceptual art correspondent, for John Stewart's The Daily Show:

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