The Quotable Avant-Garde: On (Duchamp) Games and Pataphysics
By Eli Epstein-Deutsch
posted: 07-03-11
Asger Jorn, Situationist, with Pipe
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"The game is the Pataphysical overture to the world. The realisation of such games is the creation of situations. A crisis therefore exists, caused by the crucial problem which each Pataphysical adept must resolve: s/he must either apply the situlogic method and attack the conditions of the reigning society, or else simply refuse to do anything whatsoever about the situation. It is in the latter resolution to this problem that 'Pataphysics becomes the religion best adapted to life in the society of the spectacle: a religion of passivity and pure absence." ― from 'Pataphysics - A Religion In The Making by Asger Jorn, originally appeared in Internationale Situationniste No.6 (August 1961)

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