Augmented Reality Fertile Ground for Contemporary Surreal?
By Eli Epstein-Deutsch
posted: 06-23-11
virtueel (bike) roadblock
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Wired magazine's"Beyond the Beyond" blog has kept up a fairly good tally of forays into Augmented Reality, meaning technology-aided fusions of our virtual and terrestrial worlds. Past entries have included a "Top Owl" helmet offering synthetic digital visual aids for pilots, and a computer-generated light-show playing across Sydney's famous opera house and skyline. This cutting edge field is clearly bait for avant-gardists to come.

Already a recent post on Beyond the Beyond showcased a piece with some of the self-referential, everyday absurdity that Dada and its successors popularized. Sander Veenhof -- the computer scientist and conceptual artist who received a degree in 'instable media' and has designed, among other things, a web platform to facilitate the stalker-stalkee relationship -- recently designed a "virtual stoplight" for the island of Terschelling in the Netherlands (for the theater festival Oerol). It's merely an iphone app diplaying the floating road-appliance. However if enough smartphone users gawk into their devices, it will in fact bring traffic to a halt...through the well known process of rubbernecking.

We eagerly await the further artistic output of Veenhof, and the flowering of A.R.

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