World readying for John Cage's 100th birthday.
By Eli Epstein-Deutsch
posted: 03-31-11
Duchamp Vs. Cage: wired chess
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John Cage and Marcel Duchamp are often mentioned in the same breath. Not only were they good friends and avid chess partners (Cage once had Duchamp's board electrically wired for a game of musical chess), Cage was an avowed creative disciple of the elder statesman of the avant-garde.

Cage carried on Duchamp's predilection for strict Conceptualism and discipline-bending provocation deeper into the world of audio ( Duchamp had indeed already made use of sound media) ; Cage's other ancestral influences include the mechanized noisemakers of the Futurists. Cage is now notorious, perhaps as much so as Duchamp, for controversial works like the fully silent 4'33, and HPSCHD,a complex, chaotic, chance-based and partly computer-generated work.

Cage would have been alive for 100 years on September 5th, 2012. In celebration of this centennial "music, poetry, theater, happenings, visual art exhibitions, publications, and more" are being prepared, according to In the meantime, get your dose of the modernist composer by checking out other engaging projects at his eponymous web address, including a app that displays excerpts of his whimsical 1-minute short stories from "Indeterminacy: new aspect of form in instrumental and electronic music."

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