Local Ready-Mades at Vintage Hardware
By Maria Goldverg
posted: 03-24-11
Vintage Hardware in Astoria, OR
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On March 12th, Vintage Hardware, a hardware and design shop in Astoria, Oregon contributed to the city's 2nd annual Saturday Art Walk by hosting a one-night-only exhibit displaying found art by students from the nearby Clatsop Community College. The burgeoning artists cited, among others, none other than Marcel Duchamp and his ready-mades, as inspiration.

Paul and Becky, the shop's proprietors, offer the community their services in interior design and construction respectively. The couple loves to re-appropriate the discarded object, to de-contextualize and re-contextualize ancient household detritus and give it new meaning and fresh purpose in a new home. Paul and Becky recently relocated to the Astor Hotel, a town landmark circa 1922 that stood largely abandoned before its newest owners selected it as the site for their shop's new home. If not anti-instutional or even brazen in intent, the setting for the show provided a fittingly playful atmosphere in which to display the Introduction to Design class's takes on the ready-made.

What a great community event for Duchampians in Oregon!

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