Flavorwire Surveys Bike Art Since Duchamp
By Eli Epstein-Deutsch
posted: 03-18-11
Liste, 2009 Basel Switzerland. Artist unknown
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"Did the non-functional bike craze begin with Marcel Duchamp?" asks Flavorwire, referring to the bicycle wheel M.D. famously mounted upside down on a stool in 1913, creating what was most probably the first kinetic sculpture. There's no question that creative bike culture is hot. At Critical Mass a couple years ago I saw a bike of the hyper-functional, rather than non-functional variety: it could make waffles while being ridden! (It had everything on it from a cage with chickens for the eggs, to a fully loaded shotgun for protecting such an awesome vehicle).

But now, Flavorwire, the culture arm of Flavorpill, has compiled an "Unofficial Art Bike Survey," a slideshow of bikes purposed only for the enjoyment of us aesthetes. It's about time. Highlights include a two-wheeler tastefully crushed flat by Ai Weiwei, and er...a fixie with swastikas for wheels ridden by Olav Westphalen...if highlight can really be said in reference to the latter. (At least mechanically, that one actually worked: artistically, however, it is difficult to say)

I might have added Gabriel Orzoco's "Four Bicycles (There is Always One Direction)

More bicycle art we should check out? Write to us in the comments.


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