An Invitation to the 1913 Armory Show

posted: 03-03-10
Picasso's recommendations
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An intimate exhibition of artists' lists at the Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture in Washington, DC captures a moment of poignant trivia for Duchamp scholars. One of the lists is by Picasso and contains his hand-scribbled list of artists worthy of inclusion in the 1913 Armory Show. Much has been made of the fact that Duchamp's name is misspelled, but the context is somewhat less risible: At the time, Ducham(p) was a somewhat promising but insular and most of all minor cubist of sorts, with his most immortal scandals ahead.

The ticket to the Armory was the first step, as the outrage over his entry, the Nude Descending, galvanized cubists and academicians alike. Not a snub. An invitation.

(Through September 27. The Reynolds Center has details.)


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