Artwork Censored Duchamp's urinal. Yale erred in banning Shvarts' art
By Seth Kim-Cohen
posted: 00-00-00
A controversial art exhibit will now have to be displayed along with a disclaimer. (ABC News Photo Illustration)
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"....Unfortunately, the (Yale) University has banned her work from the Senior Project Show, making a first-hand encounter with Shvarts' work impossible. The University has decided not to allow the rest of us make up our own minds. I am considerably more troubled by their action than by hers. ..For the University to ban Aliza Shvarts' artwork, to deny the rest of us the opportunity to make up our own minds, is to abdicate this 'special responsibility.' The University should admit they have made a mistake and reinstate Shvarts' artwork. Seth Kim-Cohen is a lecturer in the History of Art Department." ... ...Source
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