"Blind Man" Show in London

posted: 01-11-10
Blind Man, issue 2 of 2 (inside pages)
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The Institute of Contemporary Art has brought the successful exhibition, "For the Blind Man in the Dark Room Looking for the Black Cat that Isn't There," featuring a new printing of Marcel Duchamp's proto-dada journal Blind Man, to London. Taking its title from a quote attributed to Charles Darwin (who compared the blind man's search to the work of mathematicians), the show celebrates the quixotic and speculative nature of the hunt for facts -- especially the facts of art -- by bringing together aggressively non-retinal works that reflect "the pleasures of finding our way in the dark."

Mathematical paradoxes, deliberate ambiguities and outright absurdity dominate the submissions from roughly 20 artists, including Dave Hullfish Bailey and Mariana Castillo (sculpture), Nashashibi/Skaer and Peter Fischli & David Weiss (film), Matt Mullican and David William (installation), and Bruno Munari (photography). Both issues of Blind Man, co-edited by Duchamp in New York (1917) and featuring an exhaustive analysis of the curious circumstances surrounding critical response to artist Richard Mutt's unorthodox Fountain, will be available; at previous iterations of this show, they sold for original cover price (10 to 15 cents).

(Through January 31. For more details, visit the ICA site.)


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