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By Aimee Lusty
posted: 10-13-09
Marcel Duchamp, Young Man and Girl in Spring, 1911
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An exciting second addition has been added to Kurt Godwin's article "Spring, 1911 Where It All Begins" chronicles the production and sources of imagery of Duchamp's painting Young Man and Girl in Spring. "Spring" was painted in 1911, and shortly after a larger second edition was painted and exhibited in the Salon d' Automne in 1911. No photograph of the second edition exists, and it was repositioned horizontally, and used as the backdrop for Duchamp's 1914 painting Network of Stoppages.

Godwin explores Duchamp's constant reworking of imagery and themes and investigates whether the composition and subjects in "Spring" may infact be a possible origin for Duchamp's later masterpiece Étant donnés (Given: 1 The Waterfall, 2. The Illuminating Gas). He delves into the psychology behind Duchamp's imagery and breaks apart all symbolic meaning to help the reader better understand Duchamp's work process, sources of appropriation, and visual language.

The essay is illustrated with detailed analysis of the painting as well as references to similar artworks that reuse and recycle the same imagery. Please read on and enjoy Godwin's submission.

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