Is This Recyclable?
By Aimee Lusty
posted: 08-20-09
Anne Percoco, Indra's Cloud (2009)
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Is This Recyclable? An upcoming exhibition at Under Minerva, Brooklyn.

This group show focuses on thirteen artists who break away from traditional media and instead explore materials that are often overlooked yet readily available. By using readymade and recyclable materials the artists are both directly appropriating from the materials purpose and properties, literally recycling these pieces in the process.

The theme is motivated by early readymades of Duchamp, and the consequent interest in artists using non-traditional objects and mass-produced items to create art. "At present, several artists are using discarded objects and recycled materials as their medium.  Is This Recyclable? contemplates whether this trend is a response to environmental issues, commentary on the increase in consumerism or an attempt to uncover new meaning for the object."

This show is curated by Vanessa Juriga and features artwork by Angela Basile, JAsmine Begeske, Mark Cannariato, Travis Childers, Gary Duehr, Jesse Holt, Ryan McIntosh, Desi Minchillo, Raquel Muslin, Anne Percoco, Caitlin Rueter, Ian Trask, and Barbara Wisnoski.

Under Minerva is located at 656 5th Avenue, Brooklyn NY. Opening Reception 28 August from 7 - 9pm.

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