Mathieu Briand's
"In Memorial of Albert Hofmann 1906-2008"
By Cayla Lewis
posted: 04-07-09
Mathieu Briand Holy Stability 2009
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The artist Mathieu Brand has created the exhibtion "In Memorial of Albert Hofman 1906-2008" as an homage to Hofman, the scinetist who created LSD.  The exhibition seeks to "challenge all the senses" while also developing parallels between Hofman and various artists, including Marcel Duchamp.  It features many works which are homages to works by Duchamp including "Holy Stability", which is made of a scale with a Bible on one side and a copy of "The Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp" on the other, and "The Bicycle of the Day" which is an upside down bicycle that uses a copy of one of Duchamp's roto-reliefs as its wheel.  The exhibit ends tomorrow and is at the anne+ gallery in Paris

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