Controversial Exhibition Features Work By Marcel Duchamp
By Cayla Lewis
posted: 03-06-09
The Hanburger Banhoff Museum
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Starting September 22, the Hamburger Banhof Museum in Berlin will present the collection of Friedrich Christian Flick, which includes work by Marcel Duchamp.  The exhibition has been critisized for its connection to Flick's grandfather "who made his fortune from the war arms industry during the Nazi regime using Jewish slave labourers".  Because of this, many within the Jewish community have protested against the exhibit. 

However, the curator "maintains that the point of the exhibition goes beyond scandals - it is for art´s sake and should be looked at from an aesthetical point of view".  The collection includes "complementary information on the family's past" and "while the exhibition is on, further research on the family will also be done."  The point of showing the collection is not to perpetuate the elder Flick's anti-semetic behaivor, but rather to make an extraordianary collection of art availiable to the public, as well as educating them about Germany's past.


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