Judovitz `unpacks' Duchamp and his legacy to modernism
By Jan Gleason
posted: 01-29-09
Marcel Duchamp Etant donnÚs 1946-66,
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" It didn't bother Dalia Judovitz that she was officially an expert in 17th century French literature and philosophy when she decided to write a book on Marcel Duchamp, considered by many to be the major art figure of the 20th century. Even though she was not an art historian, she had a strong background in aesthetics and a philosophical and conceptual interest in art. She was intrigued by the philosophical significance of Duchamp's artworks.

In her 1995 book Unpacking Duchamp, Art in Transit, Judovitz examines how Duchamp questioned the category of the artist, the creative act and how art institutions define art. 'Duchamp was not only an artist; he was interested in how art objects reflect institutions and how those institutions enshrine the artwork; he also challenged the limits between art and non-art,' said Judovitz"

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