"Call for Artists: Urban Ready Mades"

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2008-03-20 until 2008-09-23
Marcello's Art Factory
den Haag, , NL Netherlands

"'Marcello's Art Factory' in The Hague, Netherlands is currently hosting a project entitled 'Urban Ready Mades' which comes from the concept of "ready mades" made famous by artist Marcel Duchamp who was the first to introduce this oevre."

What is an Urban Readymade?
Site calls for your participation: YOUR OWN URBAN READY-MADE...Simply place your sign and it becomes art !

Checklist of requirements and conditions to declare a URM

1. Is it a street, an object, a building, a view or an event?
2. Is it an urban- and / or industrial environment?
3. Do you think of yourself as an artist or an architect?
4. Is it a public or semi-public environment and easy accessible?
5. Is it a monument?
6. Is it a touristic attraction or tourist-trap?
7. Is it a work of art?
8. Is it allready a URM?

Only when you answer the questions 1 to 4 with YES
and the questions 5 to 8 with NO
than we could be talking about a true Urban Ready Made.

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