Volume 2, Issue 5 (April 2003)


Duchamp's Perspective:
The Intersection of Art and Geometry

by Craig Adcock

Marcel Duchamp: Armory Show Lecture, 1963
recorded by Richard N. Miller

by ecke bonk

Marcel Duchamp: Money Is No Object
The Art of Defying the Art Market

by Francis M. Naumann

Femalic Molds
by Jean Clair
translation by Taylor M. Stapleton)

Duchamp, May 10, 2003
Vienna: Exhibition and Symposium

Duchamp, May 24, 2003
London: Study Day at the Tate Gallery

In French

Moules femâlics
by Jean Clair

In German

Duchamp, 10. Mai 2003
Wien: Ausstellung und Symposium


Wittgenstein Plays Chess with Duchamp or How Not to Do Philosophy:
Wittgenstein on Mistakes of Surface and Depth

by Steven B. Gerrard

Intentions: Logical and Subversive
The Art of Marcel Duchamp, Concept Visualization, and Immersive Experience

by Richard K. Merritt

Precision Optics / Optical Illusions:
Inconsistency, Anemic Cinema, and the Rotoreliefs

by Michael Betancourt

James Joyce and Marcel Duchamp
by William Anastasi

Complexity Art
by Roberto Giunti
(with animations)

(Ab)Using Marcel Duchamp: The Concept of the Readymade in Post-War and Contemporary American Art
by Thomas Girst

Fasten your Seatbelts as we Prepare for our Nude Descending
by Edward D. Powers

Voisins du Zero:
Hermaphroditism and Velocity
by Mauricio Cruz
(translated by Patricia Zalamea)

by Julia Dür

Words and Worlds:
Dada and the Destruction of Logos, Zurich 1916

by John Scanlan

Rrose Sélavy and the Erotic Gnosis
by Antonio Castronuovo

In German

Die Frage der Schaufenster:
Marcel Duchamps Arbeiten in Schaufenstern

von Nina Schleif

Von Readymades und "Asstricks"
von Thomas Girst

In Italian

Rrose Sélavy e la gnosi erotica
di Antonio Castronuovo

In Spanish

Voisins du Zero
Hermafroditismo y Velocidad

por Mauricio Cruz


Marcel Duchamp and the Transhuman
by Arakawa and Madeline Gins

Marcel’s Dream as told by Jacques Villon
by Donald Shambroom

Lost Object-Found
by Nura Petrov

Painting in Three Dimensions
by Sarah C. Krank


The Suggestion of a Boundary:
the Non-constructed Architecture of Glass

by Daniel Huertas Nadal
(translated by Jemima Taylor)

Mirror, Mirror:
The Strange Case of the Salon de Fleurus

by David Lindsay

Observations on Duchamp’s Color
by Timothy Phillips

Duchamp the Gardener
by Jemima Taylor


In Spanish

El Límite Soñado:
Arquitecturas De Vidrio No Construidas

by Daniel Huertas Nadal

In German

Do It Yourself!
Die Geburt der Co-Autorschaft aus dem Geiste Duchamps

by Lars Blunck


Wanted: Original Manuscript on Marcel Duchamp
by Eva Kraus and Valentina Sonzogni


Dada is Dead, Beware of the Fire!
An Interview with Huang Yong Ping

by Ya-Ling Chen

In German

Zur Marcel Duchamp-Rezeption in Mittel-und Osteuropa
im Kontext des Netzwerks der Mail Art:Ein Interview mit Serge Segay

by Kornelia Röder


Selection of recommended Books by some of Tout-Fait's contributors


Rotorelief Interactief
by Stephen Lewis

Using 3D Modeling and Animation to See Apolinère Enameled with the Mind
by Rhonda Roland Shearer
(with 3D modeling and animations by Gregory Alvarez)


Flag of Ecstasy
by Chris Rael
(with audio)

Why Teeny's Hair?
by Grant Hart
(with audio)


Straight Forks and Pneumatic Tires:
Historicizing Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel of (1913)

by John S. Allen and Douglas Kline

Bicycle Wheel Stool
by Robert Bast

Minerva, Arachne and Marcel
by Jonathan Brown


In Spanish

Desnuda-vestido, vestida-desnudo:
Les amoureuses (Elena & Rrrose), con Duchamp al fondo

by Juan Antonio Ramírez

Postcard and Duchamp
by Robert Sacra

The Magic Number
by John Mcnamara
(with a reply by Thomas Girst)


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