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Vol.1 / Issue 2

Craig Adcock recommends:

1. Leave Any Information at the Signal
by Ed Ruscha (MIT Press, 2002)

2. Robert Irwin: Getty Garden
by Lawrence Weschler, with photographs by Becky Cohen (J. Paul Getty Museum, 2002)

Bill Anastasi recommends:

1. Tractatus logico-philosophicus
By Ludwig Wittgenstein, 2 edition (Routledge, September 1, 2001)


2. The Selected Works of Alfred Jarry
by Alfred Jarry (Grove Press, June 1980)

3. Twilight of the Idols; The Anti-Christ
By Friedrich Nietzsche (Viking Press, March 1990)

4. Conversing With Cage
by Richard Kostelanetz, 2nd edition (Routledge, October 2002)

5. Chuang Tzu: Basic Writings
Translated by Burton Watson (Columbia University Press, December 1974)

Robert S. Bast recommends:

1. How Buildings Learn: What Happens After They're Built
by Stewart Brand (Penguin USA; Reprint edition, October 1995)


2. Benjamin Franklin
by Edmund S. Morgan, Benjamin Franklin (Yale University Press, October 2002)

3. The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
by Malcolm Gladwell (Back Bay Books, January 2002)

Antonio Castronuovo recommends:

1. Cahier de Talamanca
by Emil M. Cioran (Paris, Mercure de France, 2000)


2. Il Mito di Atene
by Antonio Castronuovo (Imola, La Mandragora, 2001)

3. Ombre del Novecento
by Antonio Castronuovo (Imola, La Mandragora, 2002)

4. Scritti
by Mark Rothko (Milano, Abscondita, 2002)

5. Quaderni vol. 5

by Paul Valery (Milano, Adelphi, 2002)


6. Les Fous Litterarires"
by Andre Blavier (Dijon, Editions des Cendres, 2000)

7. Lumières alluées

by Bella Chagall (Paris, Gallimard, 1994)


Mauricio Cruz recommends:

1. Moralités Légendaires
by Jules Laforgue (Flammarion, 2000)


2. The Killer
directed by John Woo

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