Vol.1 / Issue3



The Suggestion of a Boundary:
the Non-constructed Architecture of Glass
A view of the artistic avant-garde, from the 21st Century

by Daniel Huertas Nadal
(translated by Jemima Taylor)

Mirror, Mirror:
The Strange Case of the Salon de Fleurus

by David Lindsay

Observations on Duchampís Color
by Timothy Phillips

Duchamp the Gardener
by Jemima Taylor


In Spanish

El Límite Soñado:
Arquitecturas De Vidrio No Construidas
Reflexiones Desde El Siglo XXI: Las Vanguardias Artísticas.

by Daniel Huertas Nadal

In German

Do It Yourself!
Die Geburt der Co-Autorschaft aus dem Geiste Duchamps

by Lars Blunck