Vol.1 / Issue3


Wittgenstein Plays Chess with Duchamp or How Not to Do Philosophy:
Wittgenstein on Mistakes of Surface and Depth

by Steven B. Gerrard

Intentions: Logical and Subversive
The Art of Marcel Duchamp, Concept Visualization, and Immersive Experience

by Richard K. Merritt

Precision Optics / Optical Illusions:
Inconsistency, Anemic Cinema, and the Rotoreliefs

by Michael Betancourt

James Joyce and Marcel Duchamp
by William Anastasi

Complexity Art
by Roberto Giunti
(with animations)

(Ab)Using Marcel Duchamp: The Concept of the Readymade in Post-War and Contemporary American Art
by Thomas Girst

Fasten your Seatbelts as we Prepare for our Nude Descending
by Edward D. Powers

Voisins du Zero:
Hermaphroditism and Velocity
by Mauricio Cruz
(translated by Patricia Zalamea)

by Julia Dür

Words and Worlds:
Dada and the Destruction of Logos, Zurich 1916

by John Scanlan

Rrose Sélavy and the Erotic Gnosis
by Antonio Castronuovo


In German

Die Frage der Schaufenster:
Marcel Duchamps Arbeiten in Schaufenstern

von Nina Schleif

Von Readymades und "Asstricks"
von Thomas Girst

In Italian

Rrose Sélavy e la gnosi erotica
di Antonio Castronuovo


In Spanish

Voisins du Zero
Hermafroditismo y Velocidad

por Mauricio Cruz