Alfred Jarry and l'Accident of Duchamp
by William Anastasi

For a Portrait of Marcel Duchamp: "The Dedications Speak"
by André Gervais, translated by Lou-Andrea Savoir with Sarah S. Kilborne

'Paris Air' or 'Holy Ampoule'?
by Thomas Girst and Rhonda Roland Shearer (
with audio and video)

Boats and Deckchairs
by Stephen Jay Gould and Rhonda Roland Shearer

Afterthought: Ruminations on Duchamp and Walter Benjamin
by Francis M. Naumann

"From the Splash to the Flash, with the best wishes of Le Soigneur de Gravité"
The Large Glass: A Guided Tour by Jean Suquet, with an introduction by
André Gervais, translated by Julia Koteliansky with Sarah S. Kilborne



Pour un portrait de Marcel Duchamp: "disent les d édicaces"
by André Gervais

"Le Grand Verre. Visite Guidée" (Paris: L'Echoppe, 1992)
by Jean Suquet
, with an introduction by André Gervais



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