Vol.1 / Issue 2



!DEADLINE FOR ISSUE #4 IS June 30TH, 2001!

Please Post

CyberArtSciencePress, the publishing branch of the not-for-profit Art Science Research Laboratory, Inc., is currently accepting submissions for the fourth issue of Tout-Fait, the first interactive, multi-media journal focusing on the French-American artist Marcel Duchamp.

Tout-Fait does not subscribe to a single point of view and is committed to presenting a wide range of peer-reviewed articles, interviews and news relating to one of modern art's most important figures and his contemporaries. Dedicated to a notion of hybridity, Tout-Fait's goal is to cross boundaries of media, discipline and format, drawing from both the sciences and the humanities in order to generate dialogue between established thinkers and younger scholars.

Tout-Fait encourages submissions that not only explore Duchamp's life, oeuvre, and circle of friends but also take advantage of the internet's non-linear format for publication.

Tout-Fait invites short notes from the field, recent data and proposals for cooperative projects and papers.

Traditionally formatted submissions, works-in-progress and works-in-translation are encouraged too.

Tout-Fait offers:

  • ease of reference and/ or links to other Duchamp articles and sites
  • the addition (if applicable) of animation and video clips
  • in-house creation of animation/ video clips
  • possibility for photo reproductions, diagrams and schemata (in full color)
  • quick publication
  • unlimited length of content (long articles, brief notes)
  • multiple authorship

All materials copyrighted in accordance with the DMCA. Please consult Tout-Fait's submission guidelines.

If you encounter any technical problems or wish to contact us for further information, please write to The Editors at .