Vol.1 / Issue3


"Macaroni repaired is ready for Thursday...." Marcel Duchamp as Conservator
by Mark B. Pohlad

The Bachelors: Pawns in Duchamp's Great Game
by Bradley Bailey

Duchamp in Sweden 1933-1970
by Leif Eriksson

The Art of Looking Back and the Reward of More or Less Being Seen
by Juan Alfaro

Marcel Duchamp - ╔tant donnÚs: The Deconstructed Painting
by Pia H°y
(translated by John Irons)

Pata or Quantum: Duchamp and the End of Determinist Physics
by Jonathan Williams



Marcel Duchamp - Étant donnés : Det Dekonstruerede Maleri (The Deconstructed Painting)
by Pia H°y