Volume 1, Issue 3 (December 2000)


Gould, Stephen Jay and Rhonda Roland Shearer:
Drawing the Maxim from the Minim: The Unrecognized Source of Niceron's Influence Upon Duchamp (with animation)

Clair, Jean:
Duchamp at the Turn of the Centuries

Danto, Arthur C.:
Marcel Duchamp and the End of Taste: A Defense of Contemporary Art (with video and audio)

Graham, Lanier:
Duchamp Festival at California State University, Hayward


Pohlad, Mark B.:
"Macaroni repaired is ready for Thursday…." Marcel Duchamp as Conservator

Bailey, Bradley:
The Bachelors: Pawns in Duchamp's Great Game

Erikkson, Leif:
Duchamp in Sweden 1933-1970

Alfaro, Juan:
The Art of Looking Back and the Reward of More or Less Being Seen

Høy, Pia:
Marcel Duchamp - Étant donnés - The Deconstructed Painting (in Danish and English)

Williams, Jonathan:
Pata or Quantum: Duchamp and the End of Determinist Physics

Girst, Thomas:
Window Display for "Le Surréalisme et la Peinture"


Grenier, Patrick:
Bicycles With Elephant Memories Stolen From Our Oasis When We Were The Most Thirsty (with video and audio)

Zinnes, Harriet:
Into the Vitrine

Gervais, André:
Marcel Duchamp and Literature (in French and English)

Barowitz, Eliott:
Memoirs: Art & Art History

Brigham, Joan:
We Deserve Scheme Z and Excavations of the Law of Diminishing Returns (with video)

Balea, Octavian:
Painting the Large Glass


Hauser, Stephan E.:
Duchamp Chose Emmentaler Cheese (1942)

Blunck, Lars:
Between Gadget and Re-Made: The Revolving History of the Bicycle Wheel (in German and English)

Zaunschirm, Thomas:
Duchamp's Horoscope (in German and English)

Marsell, Shirley:
Psychological Analysis of Duchamp's Handwriting

Kennedy, Jake:
Ready-Aid? A Note on Phillipe Duboy's Leqeu: An Architectural Enigma

Shambroom, Donald:
Involuntary Muscular Action as an Untapped Energy Source: An Invention by Leonardo da Vinci and Marcel Duchamp

Ellis, Stephen R.:
Duchamp at NASA

LaPelle, Rodger:
Marcel Duchamp in 1962

Gerrard, Steven B.:
A Pun Among Friends


Shearer, Rhonda R.:
Marcel Duchamp: A Readymade
Case for Collecting Objects of our Cultural Heritage along with Works
of Art

Dreaming with Open Eyes:
The Vera, Silvia and Arturo Schwarz Collection of Dada and Surrealist
Art at the Israel Museum
(with video)

(Marcel Duchamp, Henri-Pierre Roché and Beatrice Wood):
Rarities from 1917: Facsimiles of The Blind Man No. 1, The Blind Man No. 2, and Rongwrong


Kim Whinna:
A Friend Fondly Remembered: Enrico Donati on Marcel Duchamp


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Shearer, Rhonda Roland (with a text box by Stephen Jay Gould), Gregory Alvarez, Robert Slawinski:
Why the Hatrack is and is not Readymade: with Interactive Software, Animation, and Videos for Readers to Explore

Kegler, Richard:
Through the Large Glass (1994)


Hauser, Stephan E.:
The Stereochemistry of Boats and Deckchairs

Macías-Ordóñez, Rogelio:
3-D goes 4-D

Latamie, Marc:
Rolling the "RRRR"

Tanch, Bill:
Watching the Detectives


Ya-ling Chen:
Henri René: Orchestrating the Nude Descending (with audio)


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