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• We offer free access for everyone --no subscription necessary

• Unlike other journals, we take all responsibility for the acquisition and permissions of all illustrations, thus offering scholars an unparalleled freedom from the enormous burden in both time and money when they are forced to do illustrations and permissions themselves

• Also unduplicated by other journals or magazines is our free service that offers help to authors in creating special interactive interfaces or 3D animations for their publications. These can then be used for their lectures and other teaching materials

We need your help. 
As a truly non-commercial enterprise, we depend upon donations.  For our Fall 2001 fund-raising drive, would you help us to help scholars publish in our unique digital publication?

Our co-director, Rhonda Roland Shearer, an artist represented by the Wildenstein Gallery since 1986 has kindly donated three limited editions of artworks for the sole purpose of helping Tout-Fait journal!


We're sure you've noticed that Tout-Fait is free for everyone.
Here's a way of insuring it will stay like this: help us now and receive free gifts!

All monies raised here by donations go 100% to the not-for-profit research of
the Art Science Research Laboratory’s production of its publication tout-fait

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Tout-Fait Mouse Pad
limited artist's edition
of 1,000

A parody of the famous and outrageous urinal by Marcel Duchamp titled "Fountain." Rhonda Roland Shearer's (with Yong Duk Jhun) creation will be sent as a gift to you when we receive your $25 donation to

Each mouse pad is signed,
dated and numbered by
New York artist and ASRL Director Rhonda Roland Shearer
1/1000 - 1000/1000.

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Tout-Fait T-Shirt
limited artist's edition
of 1,000

The same mouse pad parody design by Rhonda Roland Shearer (with Yong Duk Jhun) is now on a t-shirt to be given to you as a gift when Tout-Fait receives a donation of $35 or more.

Each t-shirt is signed,
dated and numbered by
New York artist and ASRL Director Rhonda Roland Shearer
1/1000 - 1000/1000.

Receive both mousepad and t-shirt free with any donation above $50.

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Animation (410k)
Marcel Duchamp, Note on the "Wilson-Lincoln Effect" from the Green Box, 1934
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limited artist's edition of 50 sculptures

Based on a Large Glass-note by Marcel Duchamp of ca. 1915 (published in his Green Box of 1934), the "Wilson-Lincoln-System" describes the sensitive area of Duchamp's masterwork where the drops of the nine bachelors attempt to "pass the 3 planes at the horizon" (a.k.a. the Bride's Clothes) via a "Mirrorical return," similar to "the portraits which seen from the left show Wilson seen from the right show Lincoln-"
Shearer's sculpture will be sent to you as a gift after we receive your donation of $200.

Each sculpture is signed,
dated and numbered by New York artist and ASRL director
Rhonda Roland Shearer
1/50 - 50/50.

For a of $240 donation or more receive, as our gift, all three limited editions: mouse pad, T-shirt and Wilson/Lincoln sculpture.

Contact Ms. Gina Guerra today at
Regarding your Toutfait journal donations and free gifts.

Coming Soon

Cyberbook + Publications

Done as a labor of love, we have a series of proposed publications to help scholars do scholarship by providing access to high quality and low priced digital publishing and publications, called Cyberbook+.

Our 1st Proposed Publication

Marcel Duchamp: Étant Donnés - Manual of Instructions as interactive CD-Rom

A digital facsimile of the book produced by the Philadelphia Museum of Art under the supervision of
Anne d' Harnoncourt (1987) of the original manual of 1966.

Translated into English for the first time; and, also for the first time, presented typographically in both French and English. We hope this Cyberbook+ will be available for the low retail price of $12.95. Of course, this price does not record the actual production costs of this beautiful book, but reflects our extensive fundraising efforts -- and the generosity of individuals and institutions who thus demonstrate their concern for relieving the financial burdens placed upon scholars.

Scholars need low cost, high quality information to do their work and to promote the education of others.

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