Vol.1 / Issue 2


Infusion Ball or Holy Ampule?
by Tobias Else
(with video and a reply by Rhonda Roland Shearer)

Duchamp and Dreier
by John Angeline
(with a reply by William Anastasi)

Duchamp's Veiled Intentions Regarding Draft Pistons Gauze
by Glenn Harvey
(with a reply by Rhonda Roland Shearer)

Duchamp and Repetition
by Thomas Zaunschirm

What Makes the Bicycle Wheel a Readymade?
by Yassine Ghalem
(with a reply by Rhonda Roland Shearer)

Responses to 'Boats & Deckchairs':
by Robert Ausubel
by Bill McCallum
by Francis M. Naumann
by James L. Schmitt

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