TOUT-FAIT's Staff and Senior Advisory Committee

Publisher and Creative Director
Rhonda Roland Shearer
Thomas Girst
Senior Editor
Sarah Kilborne
Managing Editor
Shin-Yi Yang

Programming and Interaction Design
Jung-Hee Choi
Vittorio Marchi
Robert Slawinski

Graphic Design Coordination
Jung-Hee Choi
Samuel Koren
3D Modeling and Animation
Gregory Alvarez
Jung-Hee Choi
Robert Slawinski

Contributing Writer and Editor
Ya-Ling Chen

Sarah S. Kilborne
Julia Koteliansky
Lou Andrea Savoir



Senior Editorial Advisory Committee

Craig Adcock -
Professor of Art History, University of Iowa
Richard Brandt -
Professor of Theoretical Physics and Biomechanics, New York University
André Gervais -
Professor of Literature, University of Québec at Rimouski
Stephen Jay Gould -
Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology, Harvard University and Vincent Astor Visiting Research Professor of Biology, New York University
Rhonda Roland Shearer -
Associate in the Department of Psychology, Harvard University and Visiting Scholar, Physics Department, New York University
Charles Stuckey -
Senior Curator, Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas



Tout-Fait is published by the CyberArtSciencePress,
the publishing branch of the not-for-profit
Art Science Research Laboratory,Inc.,
62 Greene Street, Third Floor, New York, New York 10012



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